What our clients are saying in Bluffdale

"Alicia and Sherpa Solution were seriously awesome to work with from the moment we decided to buy and Sell to closing day on both ends. This is the third house we have bought and sold and going through this process this time with Alicia really opened our eyes to how much work we did solo on the previous two homes. She handled everything and did things that we didn't even know were options like complimentary staging, neighborhood open house, full video (including drone footage) and of course juggling offers and providing guidance on that front. Above all else, and probably most important, she guided us on the purchase of our new home and sold our home for far above what we thought was possible. She has a real gift where when you meet her, you immediately trust her both personally and professionally. She came through every step of the way and we can't sing her praises enough. We will be recommending her to everyone we know."

- Kevin White in Bluffdale



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