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the sherpa story

You've heard the story before, right? The one about the brave climbers who take on the grueling challenges of the Himalayan Mountains - consisting of years of preparation, physical beating and mental exhaustion...all for the incredible honor of joining the very small group of humans who have ever touched the peak of Mount Everest.

Although there may only be time for just a moment of absolute elation atop Mount Everest to celebrate, the truly life-changing sense of accomplishment one gains by making this climb can change the course of their entire life and legacy. None of it could be accomplished without the experienced guidance of a Sherpa who knows the terrain, what pitfalls to watch out for, and which routes to take.

To those experiencing the life event of buying or selling a home or building an investment portfolio, it might just feel like a climb up the Himalayans at times.  While your body may not take the same physical beating, embarking on a real estate journey is no small feat.  Often, it takes months of preparation - and it absolutely changes the trajectory of your legacy!

This is where we come in.  As your very own “Sherpa Guides”, we are passionate about changing the real estate experience for our clients. Buying, selling and investing in real estate is not merely a transaction of checklists to be completed; it is a life event, one that deserves to be handled with care. Just as you wouldn’t dream of climbing Mt. Everest without a Sherpa helping you prepare for and guiding you through your journey, we hope you never take this real estate climb without our guidance and care.




alicia holdaway






Alicia Holdaway started her real estate career in January of 2009, right at the peak of the national housing crisis. Though the industry was full of uncertainty at that time, Alicia knew one thing for sure: the feeling that comes with helping individuals through some of their most important life events is worth every challenge or obstacle that must be overcome in the process.

Alicia recognizes that each time a home is purchased or sold, it's not just a transaction. It's a couple buying a home and moving in together for the first time. It’s a growing family in need of more space for their kids to play and explore. It’s an individual moving to Utah for the first time to start a new job in the Silicon Slopes. It's a life event, and it deserves to be treated with care. Being allowed into these important moments in her clients’ lives is an honor Alicia takes seriously.


Driven by her desire to continually improve the service she provides; Alicia places a strong focus on continuing her education and expanding her professional network. She completed the Goldman Sach's 10K Small Businesses program in 2017 and has been a member of Buffini & Company, a group of likeminded Realtors across the US and Canada who each value creating relationships with their clients and working by referral, since 2013. 

Alicia began serving as a Board Director on the Salt Lake Board of Realtors in 2016 and served as President of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors in 2020. A life-long resident of Utah, Alicia is an expert in the Wasatch Front and the Wasatch Back. Whether you're looking for a first home in the Silicon Slopes or a vacation home in Park City, Alicia is ready to guide you every step of the way.

sherpa by the numbers...


The number of individuals and families Alicia helped in 2022

TOP 500

Alicia is ranked in the top 500 Realtors along the Wasatch Front, which represents the top  0.5%


Homes listed by Alicia sell for 109% of their original listing price on average.


On average, a home listed by Alicia goes under contract in just 7 days


the power of negotiation

The answer is always no if you never ask the question.


At Sherpa Solution, we're never afraid to ask! We are dedicated to studying and practicing the art of negotiation, improving our skills with each and every transaction. The best interest of our clients is at the center of everything we do, and we work hard to get the best possible deal for each client we serve.

Whether you're buying, selling, building or investing, you need a Realtor with effective negotiation skills in your corner. To read about some of our recent #ClientWins, check out our testimonials!

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